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:angel: To everyone on this post,

I feel for everyone of you. I have suffered from TMJ for the last 9 years. This is what I have learned about it. TMJ can cause all of the symptoms you all have listed plus alot more. It depends how bad your TMJ is. TMJ is a problem with the joint that connects your top and bottom jaw together. When this joint is no longer aligned right it causes TMJ. Because your eyes, ears, nose and throat are all connected by the same muscles and nerves they are all effected. After the joint is no longer aligned it will cause damage to the muscles and nerves over a period of time. That time is different for everyone. I too was fitted for a mouth guard and I wear mine at night when I sleep. Some things will make it worse such as: grinding/clenching your teeth when you sleep, chewing gum, nuts and yawning to wide. Oh, and having your mouth open wide like when your getting your teeth worked on at the dentist is bad too. When you have had TMJ for long enough your neck and shoulder will start to spasm and feel like your muscles are constantly stiff. This is also from the TMJ. One thing that really helps is to have a deep muscle massage from a licensed massage therapist. The deep muscle massage HURTS while it is being done because they find all the tight muscles and push on them in a certain way until they release. If you can endure the pain it is well worth it. It's like the saying, "no pain no gain". My insurance pays $2,500 for the treatment of TMJ and $4,000 maximum for life. The reason why insurance will not pay for it is because there is no FDA approved cure for it. TMJ is a dental and medical problem. The dental part is the Temporomandibular Joint (jaw Bone), and the medical part is all the other symptoms that happen with it. So, when I go to get relief for my TMJ they bill my insurance for medical and dental. It still is not enough but at least for now they pay some of it. I have had all the same tests and they all come back with TMJ. I recently had a different test done. It was a muscle test of my head, face, neck and shoulders. It showed how bad the muscles are from the constant pressures of the TMJ. After they see how tight the muscles are, the put a small magnet in your mouth behind your bottom lip and give you small electric shocks to your face and neck to try and untighten the muscles. I never finished the treatment because my insurance would not pay for it. The part I told you about is the first phase of the treatment. The second phase is when the take an impression of your mouth and give you a mouth prosthetic which look like invisaligns and you wear one on the top and one on the bottom all the time day and night. You even eat with them in. After the first week you come back and they adjust them. This goes on for about one month until they get your teeth and jaw aligned back to the correct position. Once that is achieved you wear braces for up to one year. That way the position they have achieved is permanent. Then you are done and your TMJ is gone! The draw back is that insurance does not cover this treatment and the first phase is $2,000 and the second phase is $4,000. I know alot of people who have done this and it has worked for them and they no longer have TMJ.
Anyway, I hope this has helped some of you. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask me.

Have a great day!

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