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[QUOTE=mjl1749]Hi everyone! i have a few questions about tmj. Mine startd from extensive dental work about 10 months ago. i have been to at least four you can imagine how much money i have spent! All of them have said I needed a splint. They say i need to get my bite comfortable before any other restoreive procedures are done. My jaws get soooo tight and my neck and head hurt. This is an everyday thing. Even my teeth hurt! Have any of ypou had success with a splint. Exactly what does a splint do. Also any suggestions about the neck and head pain would be appreciated. Thanks for listening. Marlene[/QUOTE]

I have been in my splint for about 7 months now and it has been extremely successful for me. I am moving into phase ll next week. Splints can work very well but you have to be sure that the specialist making the splint for you is someone who has had training in treating TMJ and has had success in treating TMJ. You have to be careful because there are many out there saying they are TMJ specialists who are not. Many get into treating TMJ because it's a MONEY MAKING business. So, be very careful that whoever is treating you truly understands and knows how to treat TMJ. Treatment from someone who is inexperienced can cause you more problems than you already have and can cost you alot of money. So, in answer to your question splint therapy can be successful.

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