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I am new here. Three weeks ago, I was eating breakfast when I felt horrible pain like I dislocated my jaw. It took about 15 minutes before I could move my mouth. I took a drink of water and it loosened up. It was painful and now I have a slight bulge under my ear. It feels really tight when I try and open my mouth. I don't have any shooting pain, more like a dull ache and it feels like my ears are popping or my temple throbs. I went into my regular dentist and he fitted me for a night guard. I have not gotten it yet but I don't think I grind my teeth and wonder how this will help. I think I've dislocated the disc. I was wondering if it ever goes back into place on its own? I've been reading alot about splint therapy but I don't know of any local dentists who are doing this in my area. The closest place would be Seattle (3 hours away). Of course, neither my medical or dental insurance cover this particular problem. I just wondered if anyone could give me advice. Is there a chance this night guard will help? Do discs ever go back into place without splint therapy?

Thanks for any input.


I haven't heard of any joint being recaptured all on their own but I have heard of some who's were recaptured through splint therapy. I had a thought, perhaps if your dentist or whoever you see uses the code of MPD rather than TMJ your insurance might be more willing to cover the expenses or at least some of them. There are some on the list who have got their insurance companies to pay by their providers using the code of MPD. Just a thought. Also, before you begin any night guards or splint therapy you should really know what the problem is. Have you had any tests, tomographs or an MRI? Often times if the provider doesn't know what they are doing and doesn't make the proper appliance for your particular problem they can cause your problem to become worse than it is presently.

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