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I have been struggling with dizziness, imbalance since July of last year. The dizziness came after a period of my noticing that my "bite" wasn't right. Also, I was having the typical TMJ headaches that I thought were sinus. Since the bout of vertigo the imbalance has caused my neck muscles to become very messed up and I know the TMJ was very much aggravated.
Now I feel like the dizziness and motion problems I am having is coming from the TMJ. There is so much pressure and discomfort around the jaw area. It feels like something is pressing on the bone right in front of my ears. I know the inner ear and jaw muscle are very close to each other. Also, when the tightness in my jaw area is occurring my ears become VERY sensitive to noises. Every noise just goes thru my head.
Does this sound like what you all experience with your TMJ? Anyone with noise sensitivity and just a feeling of motion especially when you lay down in bed at night?
Would love your input!

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