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[QUOTE=Liliput]Ok, I'm going to try to keep this simple...

For years, I've had pain in my jaw joints when the weather is cool-cold. (Think fall through spring)

Today, I was mowing the yard. It was a chilly day, but no bad. After I came inside, my jaw was hurting something fierce.( best way I can describe it is like a burning feeling) Is this a common thing with TMJ?

My jaw does make a slight popping noise, and sometimes is hard to open fully. (when feeling the joints, one side usually "pops" out farther than the other) I definitely grind my teeth at night, sometimes so loud I wake myself up!

I suffer from headaches, but have sinus problems too. And I have some neck pain, but it usually just feels like I have to pop my neck to get relief.

Also, is it common to get achy teeth? After my mowing/jaw pain incident today, my teeth just ached for a good hour or so. I can never pinpoint the ache to just one tooth, and they don't hurt all the time. I catch myself clenching my jaw a lot of times my teeth will ache after. I really don't want unnecessary dental work done to teeth if it's my jaw that's causing problems.

I'm off to the dentist on Thursday, so I'd appreciate anything y'all could tell me. If my symptoms are possibly TMJ related, I'm definitely going to bring it up. And I'll have to keep in mind about splints. If it's one to wear at night, forget it. I had one after my braces that I ended up spiting out every night. LOL. Maybe I can get some muscle relaxers or something.

Any ideas?


Hi Tia:
Your symptoms sure sound like TMJ. TMJ can cause some really strange symptoms. Here is a list of symptoms. I believe this was originally posted by Cymy Sue or Marlene. I can't remember for sure.

The Kinnie-Funt Visual Index of Head, Neck and Facial Pain and TMJ Dysfuction:

Eye Pain and Eye Problems:
- eye pain above, below, behind
- bloodshot eyes
- blurring of vision
- bulging appearance
- pressure behind the eyes
- light sensitivity
- watering of the eyes
- drooping of the eye lid

Head Pain, Headache Problems, Facial Pain:
- forehead pain
- temporal pain
- "migraine" type headache
- "cluster-type" headache
- sinus headache under the eyes
- posterior headaches, back of head, with or without shooting pains
- hair and/or scalp painful to touch

Mouth, Face, Cheek, and Chin Problems:
- discomfort or pain to any of these areas
- limited opening
- inability to open the jaw smoothly or evenly
- jaw deviates to one side when opening
- inability to "find bite" with teeth

Teeth and Gum Problems:
- clenching or grinding at night
- looseness and or soreness of back teeth
- tooth pain

Jaw and Jaw Joint Problems:
- clicking, popping jaw joints
- grating sounds
- jaw locking opened or closed
- pain in cheek muscles
- uncontrollable jaw or tongue movements

Ear Pain, Ear Problems, and Postural Imbalances:
- hissing, buzzing, ringing, or roaring sounds
- diminished hearing
- ear pain - without infection
- clogged, stuffy, "itchy" ears, feeling of fullness
- balance problems, "vertigo", dizziness, or disequilibrium

Throat Problems:
- swallowing difficulties
- tightness of throat
- sore throat without infection
- voice fluctuations
- laryngitis
- frequent coughing or constant clearing of throat
- feeling of foreign object in throat
- tongue pain
- salivation (intense)
- pain of the hard palate in the mouth

Neck and Shoulder Problems:
- lack of mobility - reduced range of movement
- stiffness
- neck pain
- tired, sore neck muscles
- shoulder aches
- back pain upper and lower
- arm and finger tingling, numbness and or pain

While many of these symptoms have been connected with TMJ Dysfunction, there is no true "classic" picture of a person that suffers from TMJ Dysfunction.

Hope this helps some. And yes, it's a very smart idea to have your symptoms written down and a list of questions is also a good idea. You can become overwhelmed when you begin to discuss your symptoms and might forget what you intended to ask.

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