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Sorry this didn't get addressed before hand. But the sore throat and jawline pain are absolute symptoms of tmj! Sometimes I get what almost feel like egg size lumps in my throat, but there is really nothing there. I have also had very swollen glands all in my neck area without any illness from tmj. My dentist explained the sore throat comes from deep nerve irritation and it inflames nerves all around the tmj. As far as the swollen glands he said they come from trying to constantly fight off inflammation in that area and they fill with lymphatic fluid. The egg lumps I feel in my throat are due to muscle tightness and spasms. I have been to every ent/oral surgeon in the area trying to get allt his dianosed and this new dentist I happened upon, he knew right away what I was dealing with!
Good luck Aaron! Oh yeah, how was the wedding?

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