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My TMJ Story
May 25, 2004
Hi everyone.. My name is Jo, Im 28... with a beautiful 1 year old daughter, and TMJ

Its been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng 9 weeks for me...

lets just say I have had TMJ probably 10 years now... who knows how i got it.. Braces, being punched in the face, car accident.. i dont rememberr which specific incident that brought it on. My jaw has always popped off and on mostly at stressful times ... the pain has alway came and gone .. i just dealt with it.

so then... march 22cnd i woke up with fullness in my right ear.. and my jaw hurt... i thought greeeeeeeeat im getting a cold (figured the ear pressure was making my jaw hurt)

2 days later... sitting in this very spot i got violently dizzy on the couch.. my mom called 911 and by the time they got here the dizzies went away but i was left in this fog... its like living in a dream.

i went to the dr.. he said vertigo... 2 weeks later i got dizzy again and went to the ER.. they sent me home saying it was anxiety...

then i went to the ENT.. he said viral labyrinthitis .. wrote me a script for ativan and sent me on my way.

mind you im constantly fogged out... feel like cotton... and when i move my head i get dizzy...

so 6 weeks later finally i get an MRI .. normal... i go to a neurologist... got an EEG.. normal.. Ent sent me for an ENG... normal.. some lost hearing in my left ear cause the stuffy feeling is now in both ears and not just the right.

my jaw was still killing me with temple pain and tingling around the ear... the neurologist said it was from the pressure of the labyrinthitis...

so here it is 9 weeks later... all my blood tests are normal... and other tests are normal.. no one knows what the hell is wrong with me... and my dentist insists its TMJ... I HOPE ITS TMJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause its my last hope.

its been 9 weeks since i held my baby, played with her... changed her diaper... walked straight.. drove... LIVED....

i cant take this feeling of whirling anymore... im constantly off balance. I can live with the pain fine.. but i just cant live with this dreamy feeling.

my dr thinks im depressed.. HA.. my ENT said he is at a loss and doesnt think its labyrinthitis anymore.. and the Neuro just says give it time it will go away

so today I went in to the dentist and he hooked me up to the electrodes and relaxed my jaw and hopefully this new bite will help it all go away.

I could really use some positive stories here...
have any of u had this happen and have positive results with the dizziness going away.. i mean its CONSTANT... :( also my ears.. i just want them to pop open so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how long after u got the new bite did u start feeling better?

i miss my baby so much.. ive missed her first b-day, her 1 year check up... shes starting to walk and talk.. and all i can do is lay here and spin :(

i want my life back soooooooooooooo bad !!!

thanks for listening to me whine!

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