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HA HA HA... those were my exact words to my dentist yesterday. I told him... Dr Kim.... I can handle the pain... and the discomfort.. the not eating steak and potatoe chips... BUT I CANT TAKE THE DIZZINESS AND PRESSURE!!! He promised me he was gonna do everything he knows to fix me.

Out of every dr. I have been to.. my dentist has been the most soothing to my mind.

Labyrinthitis is the inflamation of the inner ear which causes dizziness/ unbalance/ spacyness... and nausea... supposedly it can last anywhere from a week to 8 months my ENT said. it comes on suddenly and then just lingers. It usually follows a cold or a flu and its a virus in the middle ear.

thats why i sat around for 8 weeks wasting my time. when 8 weeks hit .. he said he didnt think it was labyrinthitis.. especially since the ENG came back normal meaning i dont have an inner ear problem.

its not a brain problem either. nor is it lupus or lyme or thyroid or pregnancy or anemia.. or blood sugar.

my dentist assured me that since everything has come back normal... that he believes 90% its TMJ.. and that he is gonna fix me right up.

there were days where i woke up and my cheeks and nose and forehead and tips of my ears and behind my ears felt like i had novacane.... then there were days like today where i just turn my head to the right and i get that feeling in my temple and behind my ear.

my tubes in my ears feel so stiff like they pop but only half way.. i feel like they could open more.. and sometimes they do but minutes later they are clogged back up.

my neck hurts, my shoulder hurts and my arm aches.... when i yawn i can feel my sinus being stretched.

this is the worst thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told my husband that after this we have to have another baby cause i missed all this time with skyler :( she started walking and talking and doing all these new things .. blowing kisses and all... and im not the one that taught her all of that :( my heart is so broken.

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