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It was interesting to read your post, I am having problems getting a definite diagnosis - I have since June been suffering - with what at first was diagnosed as a sinus infection - I took medication for 2 months and this constant feeling never went away. It feels like right below the ear lobe and down the side of my jaw and neck - a "full" sensation - like something is in there. It's so hard to explain how it feels - I have a lot of popping of my jaw, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and tightness, ear pain, panic attacks. I went to an ENT who firstly diagnosed me with LPR Reflux and put me on Aciphex which did nothing to help - when I went back a couple of weeks ago he switched me to Nexium and Bextra and said that it was probably myofascial pain/TMJD and advised me to get facial massages along with the medication. Does any of these symptoms sound familiar to you or anyone? I sometimes feel like I am going insane because I cannot get any relief from this feeling in my neck/jaw area. It does seem to be worse when the humidity is high :confused:

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