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[QUOTE=atibbert]doing what? the clicking and popping? Are you having pain or muscle spasms? Is your opening ability limited? Do eating crunchy, chewy or hard foods, like apples or steak bother your jaw? These are some signs that it may have progressed. Many people can have clicking and popping without any other symptoms. Like I said, get an early diagnosis, before these other things set in if they haven't already. I have been on a soft food diet for almost a year. No steak, apples, candy that is hard or chewy, no sub-sandwiches, no pork chops, no BIG MACS (my personal favorite). I cannot get my mouth open wide enough to eat one of those. The other night I ate a french fry that was slightly over cooked, a little crunchy, and it sent searing pain into my jaw and I whipped it out of my mouth like it had bit me. Do you have any other symptoms besides the clicking noise?

I can open my mouth fully and fast, eating food bothers my tooth but not my jaw. But I have to bite kind of hard for it to do that and it's not searing, IE it's bearable.

Everytime I open my mouth and yawn though I feel my left ear pop. Sometimes, It'll pop loud and clear up a bit.
[QUOTE=atibbert]From the research I have done on TMJ many if not most people get better. I think those who post here are the worst of the worst (NO OFFENSE MEANT ANYONE!!). Many have the clicking and popping and never experience any pain and it is a mere annoyance. But do get checked. Ear problems can definately indicate something is going on. Besides the severe headaches I get, my ear pain is my chief complaint (along with difficulty and pain with any type of jaw movement). And there are many other soft foods I have discovered and I will probably be on a soft food diet for the rest of my life. If I can become pain free I wouldn't care!!

Ah. If I have to eat soft food to make my ear better i'll die.

If I chew on the opposite side, can that help? Because the ear problem is only on one side.

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