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Hi, my name is Karen. I have been dealing with my symptoms for about a year now. They include but are not limited to SEVERE pain in the left side of my face from my temple to my neck, pressure, dizziness, blacking out when the pain gets too intense, throbbing, can't sleep on my left side or put any pressure on my facial bones, popping, cracking, swelling of my entire left side of my face but espcially around my ear, my mouth gets stuck either opened and I can't close it, or visa versa, and much more new ones happening everyday. I have seen a regular m.d., my dentist, a facial and oral surgeon specialist, several different doctors at 3 different hospitals, and an ent. I live in the North Georgia area so no one around here has a clue how to deal with my problems or symptoms. Most of the doctors I see just want to give me a pain injection, or perscibe me some more pain pills (which don't help anyway I have tried them all from Lorcet, Perocet, Loratab, Hydrocodone, and have a stack of many others that I've just gotten so angry at I've thrown away.) I had a ct scan because I was in so much pain that I initally thought I had cancer or a tumor in my head. I've had cameras ran up my nose and into my sinus cavity. I had oral surery in which the oral surgeon just didn't want to accept the fact that I had TMJ and wanted to convince me that I needed my widom teeth out and two other back molars too. Needless to say I'm in so much debt from medical bills that I am unable to pay for medical insurance at this time, and I just need some help with this issue. Since I have no family, a friend is trying to help me out with this issue and referred me to this site. I hope someone has some helpful advice for me. I am very afraid of living with this pain for the rest of my life. Thanks to all who is willing to share some advice and shed some light on this issue.

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