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Nov 24, 2004
My Oral Surgeon, who assured me having my wisdom teeth out and wearing a splint (both of which I did) would alleviate my left TMJD popping, pain etc, is now pushing for arthroscopic surgery in my left TMJ. He says he'll "clean up" the joint and make it smooth. OK, if it will work and alleviate this constant pain, I'm for it. I have been hearing horror stories from others on this board and am having second thoughts. I've asked for an MRI, but he says he doesn't need it because he can "feel" the joint allignment or lack thereof.

My left jaw pops out of place going side to side, upon wide opening and closing. Sometimes it feels stuck and simply out of place, causing incredible pain and fullness in my left neck, ear, shoulder, etc. No headaches thank goodness. I've also been told by the Oral Surgeon that a previous diagnosis of chronic myofascial pain syndrom in neck, upper back could probably be alleviated as well, although I'm not sure they're related . . . could they be?

Sorry for the long post. Any experienced input would be greatly appreciated. I'm 37 & male if it makes any difference. I've been told this is usually a problem Women have.

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