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I have had minor TMJ problems for a few years now. Ever since I got my wisdom teeth removed it got moderately worse, which was about 4 yrs ago. The past few days i was yawning and as my mouth was opening I heard a cracking noise near my ear/jaw area. Ever since that I have had pain in my right ear and have had pain eating. Before that I only had cracklin noises in my ear when I heard loud noises or beats and sometimes when showering water may splash behind my ear giving me crackling noises as well. I have also been experiencing many migraines a few months. Headaches have been present for many years. I also have scolosis and have been going to a chiropractor for about a year now. I was just wondering what I can do in my situation. Is there an exercise i can do on my own or something? What kinda doctor should I consult? I am currently 18 yrs old.

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