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TMJ and dizziness?
Dec 25, 2004
Hi, after hours of searching for what might be wrong with me I came across the TMJ disorder on the net. I have had constant dizziness for nearly 7 weeks now. A feeling of tilting and turning and falling whenever I lay down or sit up, and a great sense of imbalance when I walk. Its constant now but in the beginning it just came in spells. B4 the dizziness started my left ear kept popping constantly and my vioce sounded really weird when I talked. I could hear the popping especially when I opened my mouth to talk or when I was chewing gum, which I do alot. The popping continued for a while while I had the dizziness but has now slacked off. Whenever I open my jaw I hear a loud clicking sound everytime which since reading the symptoms of TMJ i have just now started to worry about. I have been to an ENT who first told me it was an inner ear inflammation but after the steriods didnt help and more weeks of dizziness they now say its not an inner ear problem and I am off to see a neurologist next week. My mri came back normal. So now I am stumped. I read vertigo and imbalance can be a symptom of TMJ but would it be a constant feeling like im having??? I havent had any jaw pain, that Ive noticed, and I do have allergies, which the doctor attributed my ear popping noises to sinus drainage, but the ent wouldnt give me an answer as to what the popping sounds were. So could I have tmj, and what kind of doctor could help me figure this out? Anyone had similar symptoms? Thanks to any possible advice!!
Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear that you have been having terrible dizziness. I am supposed to talk with my ENT tommorow and I am going to mention the TMJ thing to them since they have no suggestions as to what this might be. Aside from dizziness what were your other symptoms? How do you handle the dizziness? do you take med. for it? Is there no way to cure your dizziness and TMJ?? Im really concerned that I may have tmj now bc of the ear popping thing, and I cannot open my jaw very wide without it hurting badly and making a clicking grinding sound, also for the past two years I have been a chronic gum chewer, and I read chewing gum a lot can cause TMJ, and then of course theres the unexplainable dizziness, I hope my ENT will consider getting me tested for this instead of just passing me off to the neurologist. Anyway hope you get to feeling better.


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