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I know this topic is kind of old, but I wanted to add my surgeries to the list.
[*]2/03 -Left Arthrocentesis
Left me locked.
[*]7/03 -Bilateral Arthoplasty with suturing of the disc
Pain was manageable with pain management, but in no way fixed.
[*]6/04 -Bilateral Arthrocentesis
Diagnostic procedure to see if I could get any movement with lubrication/steroids/cleanout.
[*]8/11/04 -Bilateral Discectomy with no replacements.
Left joint was fused. Bone spurs present. Started getting worse a couple weeks after, given an option to do an arthroscopy to see what was going on and then either athroplasty with muscle graft or tmj concepts total joint replacement; I was devastated.
[*]11/24/04 -Left Arthoscopy
Showed scar tissue of course. Aggressive physical therapy failed to give me an acceptable opening. Function was at an all time low, pain at an all time high.
[*]2/1/05 -Left Arthroplasty with Temporalis Muscle Graft
Unacceptable amount of scar tissue was present along with a now deteriorated joint. Condyle flattened. Bone spurs, sclerosis (hardening) present. Next option is a total joint replacement.[/list]
Fortunately, aggressive physical therapy seems to be helping, and my opening has gone from 9 to 11mm to 24 mm on a good day. I of course am in no way out of the woods but feel like I at least have a fighting chance this time.
I think that I should probably get at least a couple years out of this muscle graft before I need to start considering my next move. I'm just really disappointed that now my joint is deteriorating and my condyle is gone. Who knows what shape the other joint is in...

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