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Re: Ear Pain!!
May 23, 2005
[QUOTE=kirstysmith]This is really unbelievable to me. I have been moaning to my doctors for over a year that I have a lack of hearing in my right ear. One doc told me to get over it I had only lost my hearing and that there was nothing else to be done. It does not hurt but i spend abut 30 times a day trying to pop my ear as it feels all blocked up and like some thing is in there. In the beginning I went to an osteopath as my neck was in a lot of pain, my jaw was constantly hurting and I also have a constant popping noise in my ear when i swallow. The only thing that hurts a lot is my cheek area the rest is really annoying. I visit a dentist he told me i grinded my teeth, i was given a guard to wear at night. This helped for a few months. I have visited so many docs and NOT ONE HAS EVER MENTIONED TMJ DISORDER. I have found this site and have sat here near to tears with relief that I have not got a tumor pressing on my ear or in my brain somewhere. Everything that everyone is describing is me to a tea. I was on a diet last year and I found some sweets that were low in calories but extremely chewy, I am convinced that these have not helped me. I have been well for a few months with no pain, but during the two week half term with my 3 children all at home the pain has returned and I am suffering with not being able to use the right side of my mouth properly. My partner cannot understand why I have gone all quiet again and why I feel totally absorbed by this pain. It is hard to describe unless you are suffering too. I would really appreciate someone coming back to me, as I feel like I can try and cure this by myself now and do some self help exercises. I am also off the the osteopath next week so I am hoping he will help me out and relieve some of this pain. I am from Unite Kingdom, we are really slow over here medically, really HORRIBLE actually. Anyway it is lovely reading all these probs, I am now going to contact my doc and insist that I get an mri done as I can go in armed with information.
Thanks again everybody :wave: :bouncing:

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reply to kirstysmith
hiya just wanted to know if you have tmj as i have similar problem with my ear
it feels clogged and i feel as though my head and ear are full of fluid i have been told my ear is fine from a ent doctor but waiting to see a tmj after reading the boards and threads they seem to be symptoms of tmj please reply and let me know how your getting on and if anyone else is out there with a similar problem
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