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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to comment.

I've been dealing with headaches 24/7, pain in my ears, my neck, my shoulders and my jaw for over 10 years now. I typically take 15-18 tylenol per day, just to take the edge off of the pain, because they've never taken the pain away completely. I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed about 13 years ago, but my dentist left the lower right one in. Over the past several years, I suspected that this wisdom tooth caused a lot of my problems, but my dentist refused to remove it. A part of me even wondered if ONE tooth could possibly cause SO much trouble?!? And after so many years of this suffering, could it REALLY be that simple? One tooth?

Well, after 10 years of struggling with the pain and trying everything I could - splints, medication, heat, cold, tmj specialist (who wanted to charge me $5000 to begin treatment) and begging my dentist to remove this d*** tooth, he did. Today is Monday, he removed it on Friday morning. I have been headache free and pain free since the instant he removed that last wisdom tooth. Go figure. I'm still in shock and I honestly don't know whether I should laugh and be thrilled, or cry. I'm still cautiously optimistic and I'm praying that I continue to be pain free. I mean, pain free. No headache, no fullness in the ears, no dizziness, no pain in my neck and shoulders, etc.

I guess my long drawn out reply is just to relate my experience for someone out there who might be in the same boat. I'm angry at myself for not INSISTING that he take this thing out sooner, or finding someone who would. But, it's out and I'm feeling like I have a new life. I certainly don't have the answers for everybody, and I empathize with those of you who continue to suffer.

^That is very interesting and thank you very much for posting! I am pleased that you have "finally" had that tooth removed and you are now having no pain. :) I have had four wisdom teeth removed but I still have one wisdom tooth left just like you did. I did ask to have the other one removed but I was told that I couldn't. They said that the tooth wouldn't be a problem because it hasn't come through the gum yet. But I have had pain on my gum where I still have my last wisdom tooth. I only have to brush my teeth lightly or eat an apple and the pains starts up. I told my dentist this a lot of times but she said that it shouldn't be my wisdom tooth that is causing it. My dentist has given me no explaination for the pain. I have had tmj for 6 years now and I have all the same symptoms as you had but I don't get much ear pain. I have head, jaw, neck and shoulder pain 24/7. But the thing is, I get the worse pain on the left side of my jaw but I no longer have any wisdom teeth there. So could my last wisdom tooth cause pain on the other side of my jaw?? I just want to know your opinion?

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