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cden, it's like you've written out my 3 year history as well. I almost did a double-take to see if I had written your post one night when I was intoxicated or something. What's oddly reminiscent is your stomach problems, which began 6 months ago for me (probably due to too much Advil).

I hope you find some solutions, because I would directly benefit. I'm finally starting a new approach--I saw a pain doctor and was given muscle relaxers... but after 3 days things have actually gotten worse.

I'd recommend staying clear of caffeine, decongestants, tobacco, or too much alcohol. Also, a consistent sleeping pattern has made the difference for me. Lastly, maybe try some sort of adventure, like a weekend hike or something. I find that being out in nature and only worrying about camp sites and my next meal will clear my headaches for the next week.

Let us know if you find any solutions!
kpdaniel, thanks for the advice. The more I hear from people, the more I realize that a LOT of young people have the same problem. Everything you said makes a lot of sense, and I will try to do as many of the things you listed as I can.

Right now I am trying the migraine diet described in the book "Heal Your Headache: "The 1 2 3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain". This book was recommended to me by a person in the headache forum ( ) and says a lot of the same things you said about food and medicine. Step 1 is to eliminate all quick-fix medications, as they cause rebound headaches. Step 2 is to eliminate all migraine trigger foods, such as caffeine, citrus fruits, alcohol, etc. The book says that the migrane mechanism causes most headaches, meaning that there are triggers, including stress and food, and that when these triggers go above your threshold, symptoms occur such as headache, photophobia, and a wide variety of other symptoms. Step 3 is preventative medicine, such as amitryptiline, but is not always needed.

So I've done step 1 and am in the process of doing step 2 for 2 months to see if it helps.
Anyone tried the Paul Bacho book re tension headache relief???????

p.s. alcohol makes it worse...but this morning I massaged the base of my head above the neck and it took away some of the intensity.....TRY IT!!

For me, onset was COMPLETELY sudden. At age 15, a month after breaking my arm, the 10-year anniversary of one of my parents' death, my first suspension from school, and breaking a guitar string on stage, I was falling asleep- and suddenly felt l like I had been knocked, hard, in the back of my head.

Ever since then- I'm presently 19- I've been dizzy and headache-ridden. The intensity varies, but it's omnipresent. I've had an MRI and a battery of nervous-system tests. It seems like every doctor's given up on me before I've given up on him/her.

After two years of that, I turned to drugs and alcohol to remediate- or distract from- the subjective effects of the headache. The net results are higher highs and lower lows. I also have a hunch that these persistent headaches cause long-term, structural neurotoxic damage- and I'm sure my drug habit can only exacerbate this.

I'm not at my wit's end. I'm at the end of my wit's end. This headache has snatched from me my ambition, willpower, and raison d'etre. It's indescribably significant to me to hear others going through what I am.

Here's a bit of hope- adolescent-onset NDPH often disappears after 5 years. Feel relieved?


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