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When I came across this forum through Google, I could not believe when I began to read. It is a relief to hear others experiencing the same pain and TMJ symptoms I have been dealing with since about 15 years old.

I am 24 years old now and the pain has never been worse. It began at 15 as a slight involuntary twitch on the right side of my face my friends used to think occurred when I was nervous. For me, it brought slight pain and I was unable to tell what was causing it. After this, the pain began in the jaw area and was an occasional throbbing, radiating pain. After at least 8 years of these gradually increasing symtpoms, I now feel the constant feeling of an earache, stuffiness or a clogged ear, face neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain, popping, clicking, grating noises. I am very tired and the right side of my face always feels stressed and as weird as it sounds, I feel like I am unable to "relax" the right side of my body. My right neck, shoulder and back always feel tense and sore and a heating pad at night rarely helps anymore.

I have had an MRI done on my TMJ and it showed internal derangement but the maxofacial surgeon I was referred to did not think the derangement was severe enough to be experiencing these severe of symptoms. I had an EMG done on my face and cervical spine (neck) which showed slight radiculopathy. An ENT doctor was next and he did not find anything wrong with my ear, gave me some eardrop medication (which never helped) and now here I sit.

Right now I am waiting for an appt. on 9/1 with a dentist. My fiancee goes to him for general dentistry and raves about him and their office and how kind of sensitive to pain they are with all of their patients. He spoke to Dr. Smith about the pain I was having with my TMJ and he said I should email him. I emailed him and filled out a TMJ questionnaire and he called back the next day. He was very nice and said he didn't want to say anything without examining me first. He said he would spend 30 min of the 1 hr appt going over the questionnaire with me the next 20 examining my head, bite, and neck ,and the remaining 10 going over his thoughts.

I have to hope this will be something positive or at least someone who will take this pain seriously and at least try and assist more than the unhelpful doctors I have been experiencing.

Thanks all for allowing others like me to read about other sufferers, not feel alone, and I guess as the saying goes, maybe Misery does love Company.

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