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Hi there,
I felt compelled to write you after reading your story. I can relate and here's why. Doc's thought I had MS or Lupus because my symptoms were so bad...TMJ can have very serious neurological affects all over the should really get the book called "Taking Control of TMJ" by Robert O. Upgaard, MD. It goes into everything you can imagine and after reading it I know I am not crazy and my symptoms were very real. I suffered badly 2 years ago. wore a splint for one year, did great, then only wore it at night for the last year and now I am in pain again...I overdid it physically one day and now its like its all back..I am going to physical therapy again and doing much better and having to have a new splint made right now. My symptoms were made worse because I went to a chiro before I knew what I took 2 months for me to get diagnosed because I had never heard of TMJ and docs were tryint to tell me I was crazy and put me on xanax...etc...but I would not give up..I literally diagnosed myself off the internet. Unless you have this horrible condition you cant really explain what its like...I do wish you the very best. And remember the body is all connected as a whole and you have fascia all through your body and when one things goes awry then you can feel the affects all over..Again..please get the book,,it saved me!!! Take care and God Bless! Tina :wave:

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