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Re: Tina1966
Oct 4, 2005
Hi there,
Glad to help. My story, however unbelievable, is true and I wish it weren't.
I had an emergency root canal done in Feb 03.....then had horrible sinus pressure with no other symptoms for months. Then out of the blue I had horrible pain in jaw and my back wisdom tooth was killing me. So, my dentist suggested pulling the I agreed. About 3 weeks later I started getting "tingles" in my head. I tried to ignore them until one day I had bad neck pain, arm and finger numbness, and my foot even had tingles...this was all on my right side, same as tmj joint problem. I was very scared at this point so my husband rushed me to the ER. I had every test done you could imagine...EEG, EKG, Cat scan of head, MRI of neck and back, blood work,etc.
They could find nothing wrong and tried to tell me it was just anxiety and sent me home. Sorry so long...will try to shorten...I had all the symptoms listed on the thread at top of this board...I went to a chiro to see what was wrong..and he tried to tell me it was a pinched nerve and treated me twice...well..he ruined neck and back were so messed up I could not even walk...I went again to the hospital...seeking answers for my symptoms were getting much worse and fast..I had a bad cough, felt like a golf ball was stuck in my throat....couldnt eat...HAd shooting pains up my head and all over my body...Docs finally sent me to a Neuro...who tried to tell me it must be MS or Lupus...I was devastated!!! So they ran nerve tests on me...all were fine..I refused the MS test because I knew it wasnt that...THen I deceided I needed to try physical therapy..keep in m ind...I could do nothing at this,,or housework, etc., and was I ended up in the ER again with a horrible panic attack..because these doc's were telling me I had bad anxiety and thats all...I wuold not accept that...So...I had my son get on the internet and put in my symptoms..and tmj came up!!! I immediately called my dentist...and he was not at all fact I had to wait 2 weeks to get in and get checked...well..when I did it was proven that I had severe tmj. After I got my splint it took a couple of weeks to really notice improvement. I gradually got better and wore splint for one year..then next year ..only at night...and now having another bout with this after I overdid physical work at a house we are building...I am back in therapy and having a new splint made. I had to be my own one..even my family believed I was hurting so bad. THey all thought I was crazy. I had to get on xanax and paxil and it helped alot. I finally went back to work as a preschool teacher and did fine, like I said, until now. TMJ is a very weird problem and you must EDUCATE yourself on it...Even the dentist I am now seeing doesnt believe some of the syptoms I had were related to tmj..but I know they were...GET THE BOOK "Taking Control of TMJ" by Robert Upgaard.
IT's a lifesaver!!!! TMJ can have very bad neurological affects on your whole explains it all very well among other things....I hope I have helped you ...please write back if you want and I wish you the very best. Take care and I will say a prayer for you. God Bless..Tina...p.s. by the way...I didn't have to pay for my hospital bill either because they missed my problem entirely...doctors dont like to recognize it and dont know how to treat it so they dismiss it altogether...its a sad fact.

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