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[QUOTE=bonib]Thank you GT and Tiffany Ann,

I appreciate your input. As I am new to this , I have a couple of questions to ask both of you. Gt You wrote to get a written Diagnosis, what is the purpose for this? And do you mean a report in writing? I hope you are right and he is honest.

Tiffany Ann how are you responding to your therapy now? I am also curious if you don't mind my asking what type of symptoms did/do you have? Did either of you have any problems with your eyes? How long did you guys have symptoms before you found out tmd was your problem. Mine have been going on for a couple of years now. I have had many test including mri of head and spinal tap(ouch!) trying to figure it out.

I did tell my specialist about insurance. He had already written script for mri technician to look at tmj. He then changed the order to as follows. Mri of the pre-auricular region needed to evaluate the status of that region. So I am hoping this will work. I will also discuss the mpd with Doc next time I go. I will also watch for the word surgery. This guy came highly recommended by my Dentist whom I have been going to for years.

I am sorry that you both have had to go through this. But I'm going to be selfish here and tell you that it is great to have someone to discuss this with that have been through it. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing from you.


I've had this damn thing for almost 3 years now. Very annoying. It all started when i broke a second left bottom molar (no wisdoms). Yes just one back molar will cause your muscles to pull your jaw up. So basically i was lacking "vertical dimension" on the left side.
I noticed the muscle pull almost immediately. I was in perfect health so i knew this molar caused all this. My symptoms were headaches (muscle induced), eye twitching, felt like i couldn't open my right eye, and stiff neck. I knew the headaches were muscular because my head hurt when i chewed. I also had a tomogram of my joints which confirmed that my joints weren't sitting back there.
After getting a crown, for some reason the dentist thought that the crown was contacting too high so she filled it down, my headaches disappeared, the eye twitching disappeared, oh forgot to mention that i also have blurring vision, that is still there along with stiff neck. My chief concern now is the stiff neck and the blurring vision, somedays are ok somedays are not.
Thi is why i advocate having a second molar on my previous posts because without it your muscles will pull.
Yes, get a written diagnosis. It is for your benefit and you'll know what's wrong with you. If the dentist can't tell you what's wrong with you, why bother with him/her? And ask how he/she is going to fix you. But make sure the treatmnet you get makes SENSE. good luck.


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