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well, my pain was more in my ears, head, sometimes in my face, jaw, and teeth. My worse problem was face stiffness, such stiffness that it''s hard to smile or laugh, actually painful. Throath really tight and hard on swallowing. Chewing was not painful, and the ache in my ears was intermittent, throbbing like. now, with the splints, the pain in one of my ears is not intermittent anymore, it's constant, and it hurts more to talk and to chew than it used to. And I get these crasy sensations all over my head, or heat or cold, that I used to get on and off, but its all more constant now. even my tongue hurts now on the sides, or as i move it it makes the ear hurt. My husband keeps saying that it's probably because it's moving my lower jaw to it's right position, and like any therapy it hurts before it works. who knows, but hey, it's only been 3 days since I got it.
Probably it needs to be adjusted.
rawspice, you mentioned you stopped using the splint because it made you worse? for how long did you use it? did it keep getting worse?

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