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[QUOTE=Mosmom]Interesting post, GT.

It's kind of like which came first...the chicken or the egg...

My assumption was that poor posture caused the poor bite which caused the TMJD. Your supposition is that a poor bite causes the poor posture...

But you are right. My daughter has successfully completed Phase I of her treatment and her posture is better, although I wouldn't call it perfect. Is her posture better because of her repositioning splint or because I have nagged her incesantly for two years. I can't say for sure.


Well, from personal experience, i was perfectly healthy until i cracked my bottom second molar in half (no wisdoms). I have a natural "curve of spee," so when i cracked that tooth, i lost about (not really sure how much) 2 or 3 mm of space. I didn't know exactly what happened to me at the time so i didn't do anything about it. Waited long enough so that the muscles pulled my jaw up where i could touch that cracked tooth again. It had a filling on. i noticed that i was tilting to my right all the time but it wasn't noticing. i just felt like my head was tilting to my right. i even asked my uncle if my head was tilting to my right and he said it didn't appear to be. Since then, i gained about 1 1/2 mm of space (didn't know exactly how much but i know i still lack some) with a crown. I noticed that i wasn't tilting any more and no more spasms. That is just my personal experience. But there are books that tell the same story.

If your husband does have a bad bite, then i guess it's the bite that's causing it.


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