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This is a cut and paste from the Ear forum, but I thought it had the need for both forums.


I wanted to relay my situation to the people of this board and get any opinions that you may have.

In November I was hit in the head by a rather large gentleman. The hit took place around my temple and my head hit the conrete and bounced back up and hit again. I was out for a few seconds and then got back up. Ever since then I have had really bad ear pain in my left ear which is the side I was hit on (when doctors ask a scale I give it a resting 6 up to a say 7 maybe an 8)

I have noticed my jaw clicking and popping but that has gone on most of my life and maybe I just think it is worse now.

Here is who I have seen.

2 Regular dentist (who said he thought it was TMJ but referred me to a person I already had an appt with)

Other dentist said get your teeth aligned and that will fix everything. He did this for a living and seemed uncaring.

1 TMJ specialist (who told me it was Ernest syndrome and to go see an oral surgeon)
1 Oral surgeon (who injected my joint or muscle with some sort of numbing liquid on 2 different occasions)

Back to the same TMJ specialist (who made mouth splint and when I put that in not only did it not help, it made my right ear start to hurt)

1 General Practitioner (who gave me a hearing test and said he would say tmj also)
1 more Oral surgeon (who said he thought it was TMJ and to get physical therapy, lol he didn't even give me any names or what to do just get physical therapy)
1 ENT (who did a thorough hearing test that showed no hearing loss, no fluid behind the ear drum, and thought that it was TMJ also)

Pano x-rays have been taken at 3 different offices which show nothing I am told but no other type of scans have been done.

I am in a lot of pain and need to find out just what the problem is.

Does anyone have any ideas on a next step based on what I have written.

Sorry for the long post, I have noticed that a lot of people have posted in these forums and received helpful advice. I was hoping to be one of those people.

Thank you for your time.

God Bless.

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