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Bad Occlussion
Apr 22, 2006
For the past couple of months I have been seeing a neuromuscular dentist who determined my tmj is caused by bad occlussion due to having braces years ago. So I went in about 6 different times for adjustments. Just as I felt the situation was under control and there was light at the end of the tunnel for some reason my bite went bad again. Then to top it off a temp crown that I had for two years broke (he doesn't want to do the perm crown until things settle down). He put in a new temp and that night my bite felt all off again and I couldn't fit the night splint in that he had made. When I went in the next day for him to fix it he seemed a little aggravated and he mentioned again that he feels that the next step should be taken and have my front bottom teeth "built up" because I have an open bite and the front teeth can't hold my bite together and that's why I keep having problems. He gave an analogy of my bite being like a nutcracker, when you want to crack something you put it in the way back where it meets first, that's how my bite is taking all the force on the back teeth when all the teeth should be meeting together evenly. It does make sense to me and this dentist seems very qualified and has been patient with me up until I broke the temp. I felt like he doesn't want to keep treating me unless I take the next step. Has anyone had this done before? I have to call him Monday for another adjustment, my teeth are so off and I'm so uncomfortable and fustrated with this whole thing. I dread going in there again but I can't wait until my next scheduled appointment in two weeks. Does anyone have any thoughts about this procedure? I'm not sure of the cost but I'm sure it's going to be a killer.

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