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papergoods- I just got a mitek anchor in my left TMJ three weeks ago and I have to say that it significantly has helped my pain. I went through the conservative stuff- splint, 3 arthrcentesis, 1 arthroscopy, botox.... I was in like 6 out of 10 pain before the surgery and now I actually have no pain while my jaw is at rest! It is an amazing feeling! I already feel a big difference in my joint and the movement, even though I am not starting aggressive pt until later this week. I have only had it for 3 weeks, but I have felt significant improvement already. Also, I still have my disc...

sunshine123- a mitek anchor is a metal screw/tac like thing that goes in the back of your condyle. they drill a hole in the bacl of your condyle and put the anchor in there. they run sutures that act as ligaments from the anchor to your disc, to permanently keep it in position where it is supposed to be.

hope that helps! :)

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