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have you tried topamax? but i did read about your anxiety and i found out topamax has a side effect of anxiety sometimes severe if mixed with caffene. but it would be something to consider. i was getting headaches alot and the topamax took them away but they stopped me on topamax because of anxiety issues that may of been from something else. everyone is different but they start you on a low does 25 mg and then go up as needed but its worth a shot. now that im past my little seperate anxiety issue i may try taking them again. and then today i was just here actually reading up on tmj because of some weird jaw pressure which happens to be on the same side as headaches. ( start behind ear down by that indent under ear lobe and then go up to my scalp above my ear and into temple and eye) and im really thinking this has been my trouble. i posted in another post i used a heating pad last night and i woke up fine. theres a bit of pressure on the left side that causes me to feel like popping that side. but my jaw i noticed when i open it and go to close it that left side catches and then shifts and my other side doesnt. and i always have this feeling of moving my jaw and it releives pressure. i know people take imitrex for migraines but i was always told thats not a good med to be on but like i said before everyone is different. may work for most and not others but talk to your doc about topamax. i got 2 headaches out of 19 days or something like that compared to almost every other day and i hope i can go back on it. the 2 headaches i did get i think was caused by me trying to stop caffene and the other one was due to womens problem i think lol.

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