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I am being treated for TMJ by a specialist . My jaw was cracking everytime I opened my mouth and the pain was terrible. I had retainers put over my teeth for 7 months to get the jaw back into position. The cracking joint has healed but I am left with a feeling of water running in my ear like a bubbling feeling everytime I put my head down. I have had a sinus scan nothing there. Tried nose spray still doesn't help. Saw an ear specialist who says the feeling is reflux and was given Losec. This too hasn't helped as still get this feeling .The TMJ specialist said it is the joint and to see an osteopath and he was certain it would be fixed. I have booked into see one next week. I am getting myself in a real tiz about the fluid feeling as flying to the UK next month. Does anyone else out there have this feeling of water in the ear when they put their head down. Sometimes it also makes me a little off balance for awhile as well. Have had that all checked with the ear specialist who says everything was okay. would welcome some help here.
[QUOTE=papergoods]I have this a the beginnig of my TMJ it was so bad I would faint or pass out...or have to hold on to also should see an ENT...ask him to do an MRI on your inner ears..they can only see in the middle ear with scopes, fluid in inner ear can cause serious dizziness...I had it...[/QUOTE]

Thanks for this advice I am supposed to get in touch with the specalist in the next week to say how the losec is going which really hasn't helped at all so will ask for an MRI scan. Never had one does it take long if only having the middle ear done? Do you still get dizziness and what were you given for it?
All this has only come on for me since I had my TMJ joint looked at.The problem is now got rid of one problem of it to end up with another related one. I am amazed at how many areas are affected by TMJ. Sinus, throat pain, neck pain, muscle twitching, shoulder pain, visual disturbances, jaw locking, jaw pain, limited mouth opening and clicking, dizziness, itchy inside ears, back pain, eye pain headaches, dry mouth, ringing in the ear, difficulty swallowing,and stress makes it worse. the list goes on and on. Half of ENT specialists are not familar with TMJ including the one my doctor sent me to see, so I will definatley be seeking a scan. Thanks for the suggestion.

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