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I have went to two neurologists, heart doctors, ents,
regular dentists, lyme disease specialist, etc. My symptoms are really bad headaches, blurry vision off and on, severe lightheadedness, numbness in left side of jaw and neck, some neck pain, and a lot of pain behind my eyes and in between my eyes. I have had 2 brain mris, ct of sinus, heart tests, spinal mris, dental xrays, sinus scope, etc. Noone can find anything. It's really affecting my life. I have three kids. I can't drive because of the lightheadedness and dizziness. I'm only 35. I haven't driven in almost 4 months because of all of this. My family GP is saying it may be multiple sclerosis. The two neuros say it isn't, but my gp is wanting to send me to another one. I did have a lot of tmj problems when I was a teenager. My jaw would lock up a lot.
My jaw isn't really hurting now though, but sometimes I do find myself gritting my teeth when I'm really stressed. What do you think? Please let me know. I'm thinking about going to a chiropractor that deals with tmj. :confused:

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