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After I had a tooth pulled about 3 months ago I started having extreme pain during sleep it was not that bad at first but progressed. I had mild jaw pain before the most recent tooth was pulled but now it is out of control. I only have 7 teeth all in the front of my lower jaw no back teeth on my lower jaw. The pain is only on the one side of my mouth the right it is the opposite side where the tooth had been pulled. I also have bad pain when I chew I must use my front teeth to chew as I don't have any back teeth on my bottom jaw. I toss and toss all night long in very bad pain and the pain will not be so bad after 6 hours I have been awake. I can only sleep on my left side due to how much pain I get when I sleep on the right side. I take sleeping pills but they are no longer working due to the pain I am having. Would dentures fix the bad pain I am having? I do not have much money at all and if I needed a splint or dentures I would have to pick one but I do not even know if I can afford any of these things. The pain is right by my ear and I also have back and neck aches. I have tried Tylenol and ibuprofen but Tylenol is no good and the amount of ibuprofen I have to take to feel a little better ends up 800mg 3 times a day and I have bad stomach problems. The limited coverage I have for dentists leaves me with only 1 who is close enough to see and he has no experience with this. I feel as if he thinks I'm making this all up. My family is sick of me saying I'm in pain and are getting upset. I am 24 years only and have had major teeth problems. My dentist told me he had never seen someone so young have such bad teeth when I first saw him. I have most of my top teeth however about half of each tooth is fake and I cannot afford crowns. I have extreme dry mouth and this led to losing many teeth. All my teeth are fixed now and I only have jaw/ear pain. I don't know what to do. Any advice would be great! Thanks.
Hey Jacksmit,

Sounds like you could have symptoms of TMJ. My heart goes out to you facing these difficulties at such a young age. I don't know your situation completely and have no formal training but if it were me I would look into dentures. Being able to chew properly with a correct bite just might solve your problems. You also might looking into books on trigger point pain or look into Myotherapy or Myofascial release. That's something you could do yourself at home if funds are limited. I've never tried it but am going to see if I can find a therapist in my area to help with my TMJ problems. Wish you the best of luck and god bless.
Thanks scottmj:)

I just want to cry. I don't know what to do. I cant afford false back teeth or a splint. I have tried the self treatments listed here [url][/url] with not luck. I am thinking of paying for a consult and x-rays with a tmj dentist but I can just really afford that and if I don't get something for the pain out of that I will have nothing as mouth guards and false back teeth are out of my price range. I used up some vicodin I had left from the tooth that got pulled over the past few weeks to help however I cant expect to get a painkiller for something that is long term like this. All the things I have read say not to use narcotic pain meds for TMJ as it is long term and a person will become an addict. I hate even having to use up what I had from the tooth pulled as it makes you tired but I am in so much pain I had no choice. I just am so confused I don't know if I should bother to go for a consult when I know I can not afford the two things I need and I have no clue if the dentist will give me something for the pain. I think it will make no since to help me with pain medicine when what I need the most is false teeth and a splint. I will then be only treating the symptoms and I know that is not how medical treatment works. I had my mother give me some Flexeril and rofecoxib that she uses for her back pain to try but that is no help. I'm so scared to go to sleep at night now because of how much pain I feel I have been taking more sleeping pills then normal to try and stay asleep. Should I go for a consult? What do I say? Is it worth the money when all I can hope for is a prescription? Why will the dentist even care about my pain if I cant afford the treatment and to pay him more money for false teeth and a splint?
Can you go back to the dentist and tell him about your pain and see if he'll make you a lower partial on a payment plan. I just feel with now lower back teeth that this might be the main reason for your problems. I don't know how you could wear a splint without the lower back teeth but maybe you can but I think a splint needs teeth to hold it in.
In the meantime I would just stick with soft foods like mashed potatoes, oatmeal, soups, yougurt, shakes and that.
I sure hope some dentist near you can put you on some sort of payment plan to get a lower partial.
Hey Jacksmit,

I can relate. My ears ring all the time, I have pain and pressure in my ears everytime I eat. I'm really sensitive to all kinds of noises. Sometimes my head feels like a pressure-cooker.:dizzy:

It's OK to cry. I do it every day, even at work. Cry, then pray, use relaxation methods(deep breathing along with positive affirmations can help a lot). It's important to reduce the stress anyway you can with conditions like these. I'm addicted to tranquilizers to sleep myself. Sometimes I put on this CD I have that produces delta-waves in the brain and it really helps calm me down. Sounds crazy but it works for me!

A great book is Taking Control of TMJ by Robert Uppgaard. There are some useful exercises in there. I use them along with splint therapy. I've seen little improvement with the splint but the exercises help quite a bit.

I agree with luvtocamp's suggestions completely. You might also look for a dental school in your area. I have one in my area that does dental work at greatly reduced prices.

Hang in there man. This is only temporary. Things will get better.
Hey there! Ugh.....I am having some major pain right now around my left temple and in front of my ear:eek: I am going to be making a trip to the doctor. I don't know if it's an ear problem, TMJ, or what???

I know how you feel about your teeth. I had a dentist phobia and finally went after eight years. I had a filling in the front that was ready to fall out and that's why I went back. It cost me $3900 to get my entire mouth fixed. I needed all of my fillings replaced and I still need two crowns. I can't afford that right now, so I have to put that off for another year or two. I don't know what your credit is like, but I got a Care Credit card. If your dentist is a participant, you can apply online at [url][/url]. It's a credit card, but it's for doctor, dental and vet bills. Depending on each amount applied on the card, you can get it for 18 months same as cash. I have $3900 on my card and my minimum payment is $83 per month. I can't afford the payment, but it was so worth it. Also, check with your dentist about a payment plan. Some dentists will do the payment plan if you let them take a monthly payment debited from your checking.

Hope eveything works out for you and you are able to get your mouth fixed.

Man i hate dentists. I just went to a new one today he said my one tooth was bad and pulled it and the one next to it that had been pulled he re opend to pull a root tip out taking like 1 hour and half. He gives me 12 hydrocodone like that is enough? I have jaw problems and now i have two open spots where teeth where pulled. I cant ask for more cause then i will be labeled a drug seeker and not get any. I hate this why cant people get good pain relief i know its not just the doctors fult the DEA is a load of #@!#. Im sick of this pain. The dentist said that partials may fix my jaw problem but he was not that sure it would he said the bad tooth and bad root tip could help some. why did i even go today im out 157 bucks and going to be in even more pain and i get @#$% for the pain. Sorry for the rant i just am so fed up with the way people get treated who are in pain.

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