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Thanks for the response. I just got back from seeing the tmj dentist. I sat down, he asked of my symptoms, i give him a list. pain in ear,fullness in ears,ringing in ears,temple head pain,headache,jaw feels tierd,mild face tingling/numbness,sensation that my throat is tight at times as if something is stuck,neck pain,shoulder pain, upper back pain,face pain,popping jaw,muscle twitches all over body,eye pressure,tongue hurts and feels swollen,dizzness,upper and lower teeth feel tingly,jaw locks occasionally,headache,headache,headache! His nurse measured my opening and read him the results. Then she felt around in my mouth and reported moderate muscle tightening. She then felt the sides of my face while i opened and closed my mouth and reported to him the popping. He asked if i clench my teeth at night. I said i did not think so but found myself clenching throughout the day exspecially when the pain was severe. He said go get an athletic mouth gaurd for at night. See a nueologist that some of my symptoms did not seem tmj related. He wrote up an order for physical therapy and put tmj with a ? next to it on the order and told me to go to the ER when i began sobbing at the prospect of the severe pain returning. From all i have read on here a nueologist is a big waste of time. I do have an appt with one however in 4 days. Is this happening to everyone!!?? Does this appt i have discribed with the dentist sound typical? Wil the pain return!!!!!|??????I am in a constant state of fear. Im a mom for christ sake. How am i gonna function!?? G

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