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Her assessment sounds correct - the things you mention seem like they could apply to me however I feel like I have lost vertical height on top and that is what is causing the cranial pressure as well as sleep apnea since for some reason my tongue now blocks my throat if I lie on my back. I have the same problem with one side feeling higher than the other and my face and jaw feeling unbalanced. I never knew something like this could ever happen to anyone. Since I wear the snap on over dentures - I keep them off now (but I am still not working and don't go out often) but it really hasn't helped with the pain and other symptoms at all. I feel just as unbalanced without them as well. I agree with the statement that most drs want to give you a big smile - its easier for them to work with and it demonstrates you got your money's worth. I just spent $1800 for the 2 splints that won't be ready until Sept! In the meantime though I also have an appt at the end of August with a dr at Columbia University who is a cranio-facial expert and a neuro and is head of some dept there - I think I am developing some nerve damage in the neck area since the numbness and tingling sensations have started to become chronic.

After she works with you - will she then speak with your dentist - how does this get resolved? How will they determine the correct vertical height for both sides for you? Will they then adjust your splint?

The new dentist I am with measured me differently than any other drs I have been to - instead of using a bite plane that sits on your nose and ears he stuck a funny looking ruler inside my mouth and measured the distance between the upper and lower jaw bones at an open and resting position for both sides - he also measured the length or depth of my upper lip from the nose down and lower lip down to the chin. I kind of feel like this may be a waste as well but I won't know unless I try it. How did you find this osteopath?

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