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Hi everyone,
I usually post on the Lyme Disease Healthboard however after reading many of your posts I thought I should bring this up. I have Lyme Disease and although the infection has been controlled I am left with terrible TMJ/facial pain. TMJ pain, neck, teeth and ear pain were my first symptoms of Lyme. That is why I wanted to post this message. If you have TMJ and other weird symptoms and if Drs. cannot figure out what is wrong with you - CONSIDER Lyme Disease. It can cause all kinds of really weird symptoms and is often missed by Drs. The test for Lyme - the Western Blot is not always accurate. It needs to be done by a Lyme literate Dr. - you can find one on the Lyme Disease Association website. The Lyme Drs. only use labs like Igenex that specializes only in tick borne illnesses - so their accuracy is excellent.

Lyme can be controlled, especially in the early stages. If it goes on too long then it is harder to control and lasting symptoms usually result.

I don't want anyone to be misdiagnosed for months like I was. Good luck and
feel better.

:wave: SROCC20655 Sue

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