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Hello everyone,
I'll try to keep this short!

I've just recently heard of TMJ and I began wondering if I could have it, or if I'm just associating some of my common "symtpoms" with this disorder.

I noticed jaw problems; clicking/popping when chewing or yawning, and mild pain. I always associated these problems with having had braces. I had braces removed with I was about 15, I'm now 23. Could braces be conntected to this disorder?

I've also always had a problem with a variety of headaches. Some of them were link to a food allergy I found out I had 3 years ago, but I still seem to have a headache more often than I should. I know there are various causes for headaches. But I also saw that headaches were a side effect of this disorder.

I tend to clench my jaw when I'm really cold, along with tenseing my whole neck, which probably strains the jaw, not to mention my neck! I've been told I grind me teeth when I sleep, which I read can be a symptom or a cause of TMJ.

Occasionally my ears ache mildly. However, as a baby thru childhood I had many problems with earaches. Often times my ears feel clogged or itchy, so much that I use Q-tips to clean them out sometimes everyother day,thinking that it must be wax. More times than not, the Q-tip is practically clean. This is wierd but from time to time, my ears get really warm inside, like warm water is in there! The sensation only last a couple seconds.

Currently I am experiencing a mild pain on the right side of my jaw, but only when I open my mouth a little bit. Also my right ear is achey, not constantly, its faded in and out so far today. My jaw has been hurting like this for about a week-2 weeks now. Since it's not excurriating, I shrug it off. It hurts more intensely, and more constantly when I'm chewing something for a bit, like gum. (The ear ache could be associate with the little cold I have right now though.)

Anyway, I guess I'm looking for some insight as to whether this sounds like TMJ or not? Are these symptoms or just common things that aren't link? Is there a way to 100% diagnose this? And would it be more appropriate to see a doctor or a dentist?!

Thanks for any input!!

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