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I do not have jaw popping either. Thought I was the only one with TMJ symptoms without the jaw popping :-)

As "wonderingtoo" mentioned I "I actually can hear some grinding from my jaw when I open and close, but it's minor and only audible to me."

However, I think I have most of the classic symptoms of TMJ.

My symptoms include eye problems, like red eyes, pressure behind the eyes, sensitivity to light, headaches in the temporal area, pain at the back of the head, jaw discomfort, pain in the cheek area sometimes, sometimes pain in the front of the ear, and behind the ear, fullness of the right ear mostly, hissing and buzzing sounds in the ear and sometimes in the left ear too, teeth getting sensitive sometimes, balance problems soemtimes, not like real room spinning vertigo but light headedness, light pain on the rigth side of the throat. Stiffness of the neck and the shoulders, and shoulders pains.

I also have acid reflux as well and I am taking Prilosec OTC once a day. Because of acid reflux I get pains under the ribs and around the chest area. I sometimes think that all these are related, like the acid reflux, inner ear problems and the TMJ related issues. Sometimes as we feel the ear fullness, we tend to move the jaw around to clear that feeling. So, I wonder if this might have triggered the TMJ symptoms for me.

Sometimes, I feel very tired and exhausted and need to rest to get better. A good night's sleep is very important to me. If I did not get a good night's sleep, the next day will be messy.

Good thing is that not all symptoms kick off at the same time.

Have been to the ER, 2 or 3 times, but I was just given antivert and sent home and they say its vertigo.
Panic attacks, I get them too...

I went to the ENT and he did all the related tests like ENG, Hearing....etc and everything came up normal. I went to the dentist and he refered me to a TMJ dentist. So, I am in the process of locating a TMJ dentist for consultation.

Glad I found this site so that we can share and discuss our problems.
I posted all my symptoms in this long post to share with others here.

Good Luck.

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