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I do not have jaw popping either. Thought I was the only one with TMJ symptoms without the jaw popping :-)

As "wonderingtoo" mentioned I "I actually can hear some grinding from my jaw when I open and close, but it's minor and only audible to me."

However, I think I have most of the classic symptoms of TMJ.

My symptoms include eye problems, like red eyes, pressure behind the eyes, sensitivity to light, headaches in the temporal area, pain at the back of the head, jaw discomfort, pain in the cheek area sometimes, sometimes pain in the front of the ear, and behind the ear, fullness of the right ear mostly, hissing and buzzing sounds in the ear and sometimes in the left ear too, teeth getting sensitive sometimes, balance problems soemtimes, not like real room spinning vertigo but light headedness, light pain on the rigth side of the throat. Stiffness of the neck and the shoulders, and shoulders pains.

I also have acid reflux as well and I am taking Prilosec OTC once a day. Because of acid reflux I get pains under the ribs and around the chest area. I sometimes think that all these are related, like the acid reflux, inner ear problems and the TMJ related issues. Sometimes as we feel the ear fullness, we tend to move the jaw around to clear that feeling. So, I wonder if this might have triggered the TMJ symptoms for me.

Sometimes, I feel very tired and exhausted and need to rest to get better. A good night's sleep is very important to me. If I did not get a good night's sleep, the next day will be messy.

Good thing is that not all symptoms kick off at the same time.

Have been to the ER, 2 or 3 times, but I was just given antivert and sent home and they say its vertigo.
Panic attacks, I get them too...

I went to the ENT and he did all the related tests like ENG, Hearing....etc and everything came up normal. I went to the dentist and he refered me to a TMJ dentist. So, I am in the process of locating a TMJ dentist for consultation.

Glad I found this site so that we can share and discuss our problems.
I posted all my symptoms in this long post to share with others here.

Good Luck.
Hi everyone, I have tmj with out jaw popping as well. I have had this for 3 years now. I get anxiety attacks, and head aches and was very stiff, achy and had off balance, not spinning thank god, face pain and indigestion as well. I have since began having my teeth re aligned and sought out a chiroprachter who has helped alot. I wear a night brace (splint) and im here to tell you it gets better. i was on here 2 years ago and never found anyone comming back to say if they ever got releif. I did have ear popping which I found out was my eustachian tube trying to close, the muslce spasms can rake havvoc, when my e-tubes were open I got dizzy, ears felt full, till several mri's were done they told me the same thing, its vertigo, here are some pills, we cant cure you buh buy. the anxiety has gotten so much better since the chiro, I go to a nucca guy, there is no cracking and harsh movements or jarring of your head. first treatment hepled like I cant tell you. I have begun to learn to relax and not freak out as much. know I know what it is and that I am feeling better becuase of the course of treatment I chose I am not as panicky. a tmj splint does help as well, I got one and it has made a diffrence. it is all in where you go and who you are treated by. some dr.s will tell you.. well there is no jaw popping or clicking so its not tmj, go see an ent. I got sent to so many dr.'s it wasnt even funny. my mri is where my dr. said , wow your teeth are not leting your jaw sit right, it might be that. this was from a neurologist ( I thought I might have had a stroke so i went to one) so I persued that avenue and I am starting to feel more like my old self. the worst part is the expenses you incur trying to get it fixed. tmj is not a covered health problem under my dental, and it isnt covered under my health care either. chiro care is not cheap, but well worth it in my opinion, the splints are on average $200-$500, dental work that I have shelled out so far is over $8,000, and the braces they want to put on my teeth to straighten them , plus retainers when they come off are $12,000. I feel like a damn visa commercial, the benefits of being pain free, dizzy free and have normal life anyone has any questions feel free to ask away ,mike
I have the same problem. My jaw pops every once in a while, but I still have pain when it doesn't. My symptoms are pain in both lower jaws just below the ear. Ear pressure but is relieved by moving lower jaw forward. Tooth sensitivity and neck and shoulder muscles ache. If anyone has found what type of specialist has helped let me know. I have been to 10 dentists, 4 oral facial doctors, and 2 oral facial pain clinics. Almost all recommending inflammatory drugs; which hasn't helped. Also the dentist prescribed a splint, mouthguard, and this lower clear retainer. The splint was made very bad. It falls off my teeth. When I bite down the other side comes off.
Your symptoms are exactly the same as mine... it all started after severe vertigo which lasted for a minute... then I had:
- eye problems, like red eyes, pressure behind the eyes, sensitivity to light
- weird pain/sensation at the back of the head
- jaw discomfort, pain in the cheek area sometimes
- fullness of the right ear
- hissing and buzzing sounds in both ears
- light headedness
- swallow problems
- Stiffness of the neck , weak arms
- Noises in jaw, specially right side... but no pain
- Noise at the base of the skull

I have gone through all possible tests... mention it !

TMJ is what I suspect right now.
Stevano and all,

I went to the TMJ dentist on Tuesday and he took panoramic x-rays
and he felt my jaw area. He said everything seems to be normal.
Usual questions like is there clicking which I do not have
then he asked me to open my mouth wide and he said it seems good.

I have 2 impacted lower wisdom teeth and he said they may be causing this.
(not 100% sure though)
He asked me to get them extracted.
Another interesting thing he mentioned was that the muscles
on both sides of my face around in the cheek could spasm and could
cause the symptoms of TMJ that I have right now.

Another thing that I found out while researching regarding my health was
I have GERD/ Acid reflux and acid reflux which could cause ear related
symptoms as well.

I am on Prilosec OTC once a day and seems like it does no good.
I am doing a lot of reading related to GERD and came across this
interesting article which says about "Fluid and Sinuses in the
middle ear as the throat communicates with the nasal passages"
and this accumulation can cause discomfort in the ears..
I cannot post the link as it is against the board rules but you
can google for "Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease".

But I want to tell that there is definitely a connection here..


I have seen a lot of posts here in the healthboards and elsewhere, and I can say that there is some connection somewhere with GERD/Acid Reflux and the ear related symptoms like fullness, clicking of the throat, chest pains, etc....but hey, you know what.. the human body is a very complex design and not as easy to understand and each of us is unique. (And I am not a doctor, these are just my thoughts)

However, we cannot ruleout the TMJ symptoms as well in my case, as I am suffering from the TMJ symptoms as well. So, I need to visit the TMJ dentist with more questions nextime.

"Each day is a gift to be opened with prayer".
Lets help each other get better one day at a time.
Good Luck!!
This is what happens to be on both sides but more so on the right but every time the dentist adds height it feels more like he is adding width to the sides of the teeth (splint) and not length and then I start having trouble moving my mouth when speaking or chewing - its been a vicious circle -adding to the splint and taking from it - I have no clue what is going on. It feels like 2 bones crossing or rolling over one another near the lower part of my jaw toward the ear and it hurts so much when it does it.

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