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I think most dentists are aware they can cause it and I believe they are made aware of it in their early training but I also believe too many dentists think they are too good for them to be the direct cause. I also think most would like to think tmj is limited to being physiological (like you were born with it or developed it based on hereditary factors or trauma or accident) and not related to treatment or dental care they have provided. Imagine the weight of that responsibility - that you could actually disable or do physical harm to a person through negligence - maybe medical drs are taught to deal with it but their training is much more intense - and they are held accountable through malpractice laws - its very hard to prove malpractice with a dentist unless they kill you. Before my tmj I had only been to 5 different dentists - one from my childhood, the one who took over his practice, an implantologist for implants, a periodontist and then a prosthedontist - only the implantologist seemed concerned with tmj in doing the implants and then bridges. I think it was the prosthedontist that caused my tmj - he liked everything really "BIG" and every filling he did never felt right afterwards. Even though I have my patient file from him and can count the number of complaints I made after each filling or new crown I doubt I could ever prove he casued my tmj.

Its very possible your GP is familiar with tmj - mine however believes it is more like arthitis and does not cause facial spasms Like I have - but I am wondering if your GP feels your symptoms may be more due to cervical problems like a pinched nerve - they also can casue headaches and tingling in limbs.

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