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Hello, I'm a 24 y/o female. It all started 3 weeks ago, I have been treated for a sinus infection my symptoms at the time were pressure on top of my head, my nose, behind my eye, my cheek, pressure in my ear, my actually aching at times and at others feeling like its draining. I was prescribed nasonex and antibotics my symptoms went away while on the medication, but after 4 days on the antibotics I was taking off because of a possible allergic reaction ( I was on the nasonex for a week and a bit before they took me off of that as well because I started a new puffer and the doctor thought it was putting too much into my system). There was actually fluid in my ear the first time i went. I recently went back to the doctors because the same symptoms are coming back but they are not consistently there, they come and go. I still have the pressure in my head ( and sometimes I feel light headed) and the other night I got a pain in my temple and the more i opened my mouth the more it hurt (it was after this i went back to the doctor) my teeth are still hurting as well and the pressure behind my eye has subsided for now. But what I am wondering is does any of this sound like it could be tmj. My GP suggested I go to the dentist and get an xray of my jaw because I could be clenching my teeth at night. I had bloodwork (extensive) done which all came back completely normal. I had my eyes tested need new glasses ( to wear for distances only) but eye doctor said my actually eyes are very healthy, no cause for pressure behind my eyes. My ears are also popping alot. What I am wondering is has anyone else felt like this or does it sound like it could be tmj and can clenching your teeth really cause all of this. My teeth have always been well looked after and healthy. Please I'm worried. I always assume the worst like brain tumor or something. Any advice would be appreciated I feel hopeless. Thanks
Your symptoms sound TMJ related. I at first was diagnosed with an ear infection which I was treated with amoxicillen. I do not know if it was really an ear infection but who knows. I got ear popping and clicking when I swallow as well as some tickling and ear pain on and off. I eventually went to an ENT who tested my hearing which came back normal and told me there was no infection or fluid in my ear and my E. tube was working normally.

My regular doctor told me I probably have a slight case of TMJ. The pain has really subsided but I do still get clicking, sometimes worse sometimes I don't get any.

I did have a CT Scan which came back normal. Discuss the possibility of TMJ with your doctor.

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