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When severe enough tmj can affect the whole body - there are many different theories regarding why but basically it has to do with the jaw not functioning (either due to a bad bite, tm joint or disc displacement, muscular dysfunction, etc - there are many causes) and not working with the neck. Once the neck is pushed out of alignment by the jaw dysfunction, the spinal vertebrae follow and now your body is out of alignment - this affects the central nervous system and kicks off pain sensors in the body - when its bad enough every bone and muscle will ache or twitch, you may see your posture or gait (how you walk) change as well - as well as a lot of strange quirks - like tongue thrashing, facial or jaw spasms, one foot turning inward or outward, tingling sensations in your head or limbs, muscle cramps, muscle twitching or tics, etc. There's a complete list of common symptoms on a previously posted thread at the top of this forum you may want to check out.

Until the cause of the tmj is determined by a specialist or tmj dentist its a good idea to try alternative therapies to treat the accompanying symptoms such as seeing a chiro, accupuncture, cranio sacral therapy, physical therapy (this usually includes massages, ultra sound, tens unit and moist heat compresses). Also you may want to try pain mgmt therapies which include prescription pain relievers & muscle relaxers, trigger point injections, botox injections - while these don't "cure" tmj - their affect is only temporary but can help relieve some pain. At home remedies include taking Aleve or other OTC pain reliever, warm moist compresses to areas that hurt, neck and facial exercises to help the muscles relax, keeping your teeth apart or lips slightly separated and mouth slightly hung open, using a cervical pillow at night to sleep - do anything that might make you more comfortable like when you have a bad cold or the flu. And make an appt with a tmj specialist - this is the really hard part - finding a specialist that really knows what he is doing and not just trying to make a quick buck b/c he took some classes in tmj and now has a certificate stating he treats tmj.

Hope you are feeling better soon - hang in there.

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