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Ill tell ya what happened first

Nov 13, 2005 I locked my keys in my truck, i called the police department to help me get them out, an officer came out, and as he was walking to run my plates to verify my vehicle, there was a drunk guy, 21 yrs old whom i have never seen before in my life, well this drunk guy was on a rampage, the cop was about 5 ft away from me, and this guy just ran up and punched me on my right side about my ear, i'm not sure exactly where i just remember the first thing hurting was my ear, and my ear was on fire, the guy then went after the police officer, the guy hit me and i slammed my head on my truck and blacked out, anyways.... since then

i had to go to the emergency room, once i calmed down, my ear was throbbing mouth hurt, neck hurt, they said it was a concusion and contusion, sent me on my way. Pain did not go away, went back they gave me vicodin and told me to see my regular doctor, went to my doctor, she gave me more meds, and told me to come back in 2 weeks, about 3 visits from her she reffered me to physical therapy, did about 2 months of that, didnt help, then it was the pain center, i got 6 epidural shots in my neck, no help, i went to the ear doctor, nurologists, different PT, chiropractors, pain specialists, had mri's and catscans done, about 100 different medications and tons of pain later here in am, over 40k in medical bills, stuck with no progress, i also suffer from severe HORRID migraines, my jaw when i close my mouth and bite down i get a popping sound and feeling on the ride side where i was hit, i wouldnt say it hurts, well it hurts yet its relieving, if that makes any sense, i suffer from horrid neck back and shoulder pain, energy loss, ect ect ect.

I'm only 19, i cannot go through this anymore, im just starting my life!!! the doctors put me on 3 mos bed rest, i lost my job, and havent been able to hold a job because there are days i cannot get out of bed due to being sore or having a horrid migraine, it's getting really tiring, all of this has changed me so much, im constantly worried or stressing about something, because i cannot get back on track until they diagnose or help me with something, im trying to get my life started but i cannot do that with this pain!!! its horrible!! Now i do know that when you get catscans and mri's your doctor DOES not view them, they have people who look at them and tell them the results on what the doctors were looking for, nothing else, so I am going to go back to my doctor ( altho i havent been for a while because i was starting to loose hope ) but i am planning on going and demanding x rays of my jaw and my whole skull. This has got to be stopped.

anyways, does this sound like tmj??? do you have any advice on relieving pain, migraines, ect??? i clench my teeth so bad i have broken off one of my fillings, i cannot get it fixed because its too painful at the dentist to sit through it, they cant even floss my teeth while i'm there. im looking into the mouth guards, theyre all pretty expensive so im having trouble with that because i have spent so much money on things that i was told would work but havent. i guess it doesnt hurt to try.

so PLEASE anyone help!!!
Also one day i was starting to get a migraine, when i get migraines it starts with ear pain, then jaw pain through my neck, during this my head gradually starts throbbing, well i started getting a migraine and all of a sudden i got this horrible electric shock feeling in my right leg, it brought me to my knees, first time it lasted what seemed 10 mins, second 5 and 3rd not very long, also had it very quick in my neck..right side. After that, my leg felt really tired, just the right one, like i had been walking 20 miles, i went to the doctor and they had said they couldnt do anything because they were not there when it happened.... has anyone experienced this before??? also i have played violin for 11yrs, do you think tmj will affect me playing, i havent played since i got hurt ...


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