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Mine all started on my left side and the temple pain ,ear pain neck and shoulder pain have all been bad on that side but my right side eventually had the same symptoms but much milder its like when you get a stone in your shoe if you left it there you would start limping then you leg would ache then you would start to walk different then your back would ache then shoulders etc etc thanks to Thelma very helpful posts i have learned that the whole body can be affected

Chonger /take no notice of those negative comments from your physio
This week i had twitching in my hand so went to the Doctors he was more interested in finding out what traumatic event had brought on my TMJ when i informed him that i was a lucky person and had no traumatic event that i could think of he wouldn't let go i came out of the surgery questioning my own mental heath !!
Time and time i have read how some of the medical profession are treating us he was almost saying i had brought it on myself !!!

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