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hey im 14 and I have been having these symptoms for a while now, I'll have them for a couple weeks and then they will go away for a week or two and come back again.

-All these symptoms i get on both sides, but the right side much more

-the area directly under my ear/jaw will get swollen and hard/stiff and is very sore and sensitive to the touch
-my ear gets very sore and feels tight and swollen inside (i recently have had a physical all the doctor said was that it looked pink but other than
that, "spotless" as he put it)
-on the right side i noticed that it is a little harder to hear
-my neck feels warm
-my eyes feel hot
-my throat is sore
-it is hard to swallow and my throat feels tight
-i have more saliva than usual
-my neck and shoulders feel achy and stiff
-my forehead and temples aslo feel sore

im not sure if this is anything i sould be worried about or anything, but i just dont see why all these symptoms keep going away and then returning, and i think they are getting worse than before. Also, i go to the chiropractor about every 4 weeks or so and my back/neck have always popped and cracked very easily and a LOT when squeezed, twisted, turned, etc.

any help?

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