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I've posted on here several times. I thought I had fibromyalgia, have been diagnosed with chronic myofascial pain though.
So what I'm wondering is if chronic myofascial pain is the same thing as TMJ. I know TMJ involves the joint, and I was told my joint is okay. I don't have the popping, clicking, headaches or jaw locking of TMJ. My opening doesn't seem limited.
But I have chronic face, neck, shoulder and upper chest pain (muscular feeling) on left side. I have pressure feeling in neck and around ear, my ear feels stuffy when the pain is bad. Also when it's bad my throat can hurt a little and sometimes I'm a little hoarse. My muscle from my neck down to behind my collar bone is swollen on the left also. Sometimes there is pain down my arm, and my left hip can hurt also. There is a spot on my back next to my shoulder blade that, when pressed, shoots pain up into the back of my neck and head. The massage therapist I went to at the chiropractor felt it and kept saying it was weird because it didn't feel like a knot in the muscle, it was too shallow, but she kept rubbing it. I've been feeling worse ever since (was feeling better before going to the chiro).

So do you think seeing a TMJ or TMD specialist could help me? I do have some grinding in my jaw when I move it from side to side sometimes, but it's only audible to me.

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