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[QUOTE=boxerlover227;2977074]I wondered myself how many others had Dizziness, ear problems and TMJ.
For me the dizziness/Ear Pains and headaches are the worse of it all.
I suffer from Dizziness all the time. For me it feels like I am drinking without the drinks! I get lightheaded all the time, I feel like I am Floating, tilting, rocking, swaying, falling and over all at time disorientated. I also have jumpy vision at times. I notice when my headaches which are tension type are at it's worse so is the dizzy feeling. I have a pressure/tightness feeling around my head at all times. My ears get sharp shooting pains that feel deep in the ear, they have pain when I yawn or they pop.
They are always clogged first thing in the morning, and my jaw muscles always feel tight. I am told I have TMJ and for me I hear the clicking sounds in my jaw mostly lower mandible when opening and closing or chewing. For the longest time I question if this is all ear related or indeed TMJ. I definitely clench my jaw when sleeping and I do feel the tightness in it upon waking and throughout the day. So If all my symptoms really are ALL just tmj related then YES, TMJ can cause Dizziness:dizzy: I am WONDERING does anyone else dizziness feel like mine? I also wanted to mention that for me, if I lay down the dizziness, and the pulling pressure in my head and neck subsides. ANYONE ELES???[/QUOTE]

Almost identical to what I have with my TMJ. I was diagnosed recently (last 2 months). I have the same dizziness. If I try to read text on my computer screen, it looks like it's falling. When I blink, it moves back up to the original position and begins falling again. Over and over. If I look at a book sitting on a table, the book looks like it is rising. My ears feel hot at all times. I just returned from a visit to a clinic to check my ears, because the dizziness began in the past 5-6 days. Ears checked out fine.

Walking anywhere is a challenge. I feel like I am falling over my own feet. The doc prescribed me (for now) a drug to help with symptoms of dizziness that is commonly used for those with Meniere's disease. Otherwise, I am beginning my TMJ treatment with topical gel containing 4 drugs (a compound formula). I will also be seeing a chiropractor, and my dentist is crafting me 2 different types of mouth plates to wear for day and night.

When you said, feels like you're drinking without the drinks... this is word for word how I described it to my friends. It's horrendous and no fun. I have the facial pain and have for a long time, but the dizziness is just unbearable. I do not find relief in lying down like you have described. I have to lay in a certain position or I feel like the room is spinning (actually sitting is less irritating than laying down in certain positions).

I am quite positive that once I begin the chiropractor visits and other alternative treatments (we are attempting to avoid surgery this early in the diagnosis), this will ease up. But it's a waiting game currently, and it is hard to live with.

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