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I hope this mesage finds people well.

I am really interested to hear if people with TMJ have ear problems. I have TMJ, and my biggest complaint is that I have significant issues with dizziness. I also have a lot of ear pressure, popping, ringing, pain, etc.

I have been wearing a splint for about a month now, and it maybe helping a tiny bit.

Today I was talking with a very high-end ear, nose and throat doctor and he told me that there was no connection between TMJ and ear issues. He basically said that I'd be wasting my time with the splint. This really confused me as I felt like I had finally figured out what was causing me to be dizzy.

My question to you all is, do some of you with TMJ have problems with dizziness? Do you believe that your TMJ is the source of your dizziness and ear problems? I would really appreciate it if people let me know. I have to try and figure out if I should stay with the splint or try and go back to the ENT people and look for other issues. I am inclined to think that my TMJ is the culprit. My jaw is definitely a mess and x-rays have confirmed this.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Well, I have had ear problems most of my life - I thought it was related to having my tonsils and adnoids removed when I was younger. Pretty much it was limited to ear aches, frequent popping while driving with windows open, difficulty going under water and horrible pain whenever I went on an airplane. Then shortly after I got anterior detnal impants I started getting dizzy in elevators, walking down stairs and occasional ear ringing. Actually spent a full year going from ENT to ENT and gave up - but it calmed down after another yr and I assumed it resolved itself. Within a week of my tmj starting though everything returned with a venegence and now I had a constant ringing which would change pitch and a sound like loud radio static and then sometimes roaring ocean waves- it went on for more than 2 yrs to the point I felt like I could not function - couldn't focus on what others said, hear my own thoughts, sleeping was disturbed, etc. I actually developed vertigo at one point and started taking antivert. TMJ treatments with various drs (dentists, chiros, PT, etc) did lttle to change it. But then I went to a NUCCA chiro and within a few visits it eased up and now its basically all gone. He said my atlas was rotated or off center and was pressing on some nerves. I still have the tmj though but notice there are days after a splint adjustment that my ears feel full and I get worried its all going to return. Sometimes even the slightest ear ringing for a few seconds will stop me in my tracks - I get that nervous about it returning.

Although I am not certain, my feeling is the TMJ may have actually caused cranial changes and c-spine problems which then caused the ear problems. However, many people who do not have tmj or any of its symptoms suffer with ear ringing and dizziness as an issue in and of itself with no relationship to other medical or dental conditions. My suggestion would be if an ENT wasn't able to confirm any physcial abnormality with the ear that would cause these symptoms that you try other remedies such as homeopathic (supplements such as lipo-flavinoid) or alternative therapies such as seeing a NUCCA chiro or accupuncture. The affects of tmj can be pretty widespread for some people and not just limited to the jaw dysfunction alone - so a concerted combination of various treatments or therapies may be needed.

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