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Wanted to give an update since yesterday was my 2 month mark w/ my lower splint and physical therapy. At this moment in time I feel that I've had close to no progress with my condition. There have been a couple stretches of 3 days here and there where I feel things improve (less muscle tension), but in the last 2 weeks I've actually felt worse. I have increased muscle spasm in the upper back and shoulders as well as the head / neck muscles. These spasms cause they typical ear popping / sinus / fullness / dizziness loveliness combo. Physical Therapy helps for the hour that I receive it, but then it's back to the normal spasm. I also have random muscle twitches in my legs (no pain, just little quivers). I'm now on muscle relaxers (4 Soma Compound per day) and that helps alleviate some of the symptoms.

The assistant at my dentists office was surprised that I've felt no relief - she said that by the fourth adjustment most patients are doing well. Emotionally that made me feel worse. While I believe my dentist is sincere and doing his best, he really couldn't offer an explanation for the lack of progress other than "it takes longer for some patients" and that "nocturnal bruxism and clenching may still be keeping the muscles in spasm". He says the splint is very very close to my natural bite.

I've started looking at other alternative treatments such as Cranial Sacral Therapy ($$$) and Cranial Osteopathy. I've done two Cranial Sacral sessions and feel relaxed afterwards, but the next day it's back to normal spasm. I'm also planning to see another GP and TMJ dentist to make sure that I haven't been misdiagnosed. Jeez... it really is starting to become a financial strain - thank the lord for credit!

In the mean time, I limp on at work and at home. Hope all the other splinters are doing well.

Question for Jim1971 - how's the biofeedback? Does that help reduce nighttime clenching / grinding?


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