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July 12th will mark 1 complete month with my lower splint. And I can genuinely say that I have more and different kinds of muscle spasm / twitching now then when I began. This is frustrating. I've seen my dentist for 2 adjustments w/ a 3rd this week.
Before most of the spasm (as far as I could feel) was in my temporals and neck. Now I feel tightness in the previous areas and also in the face area (cheek / forehead area). I also have weird twitching in my calf, foot and arm. This isn't painful, but is kinda freaky. I did a search on this board and found someone else that experienced this weird twitching after getting a splint. They attributed it to the splint causing a reaction w/ associated muscles. I hope they're right. They aren't really active on the board anymore so maybe it all cleared up for them. Anyhow, thought I'd vent / share.

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