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A TENS unit is a small machine that sends electrical stimulation to your muscles and nerves that helps to block pain signals and helps loosen up muscles.

My advice would be to get a proper splint from a dentist that fits your mouth. Anything that you buy from a store or that's not fitted for you can cause more problems. It is very difficult to buy splints when insurance often doesn't pay, but I think it's much more difficult to live with the pain of TMJ or possibly do more damage because you don't have the proper treatment.

I wish you luck in finding something that helps. I know when my arm/neck and shoulder were at their worst they would just ache so badly that I could sometimes hardly sleep. Now, with my new mouth orthotic and changing my computer station at work I have almost no shoulder and arm pain. My neck is still tight, but I think that's something I'll always battle.

[QUOTE=sammyo1;3102485]Thanks , What is a TENS unit, I am willing to look into anything, got Dr.s appointment tommorrow, new Doc, hope something can be found I can't wait to get relief, feeling worse everyday. I live with moist heat pad and ice, even take them to work. Could not even stand the seat belt on today. I have order the aqualizer bite gaurd, had one in the past and it seemed to help with the TMJ, also helped a friend of mine. I will start with using that and see if indeed I get any relief. Don't care for the store bought so I have to wait for Aqualizer since it is ordered only through a dental supply. I have spent so much trying to get help I am hoping that it is the TMJ, perhaps if a Doc. will actually do some diagnostic testing I could find out. I am so glad I found this message board![/QUOTE]

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