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[QUOTE=artkitty76;3113598]I have been suffering from debilitating headaches for 11 yrs now...I've gone through many ideas of what the problems could stem from. Last year however, when I was under a lot of stress- I would get these headaches every day. My eyes would burn and I would get neck stiffness and terrible headaches. On Saturdays I would usually be in bed throwing up from the pain. That's when I began to think that it may relate to TMJ- (these headaches started right after I got my wisdom teeth out) I've got a couple questions:

does anyone notice that their headaches get worse from drinking any alchohol or smoking? It seems I can't drink a sip anymore without getting a huge headache! Do you think it's from something else, just a trigger?

should I go see a dentist or a regular doctor? I started seeing a chiropractor because I finally have insurance and I just don't know where to begin with this!

any help would be appreciated...I'm sooo sick of being in pain![/QUOTE]

Find a dentist who is skilled in diagnosing and treating TMJ.

Stay away from alcohol if at all possible. I gave up drinking a year ago, and don't miss it. Lost weight from doing so, added bonus.

I suffered through wicked migraines. I couldn't drink with them, period. I didn't want to have something in my routine that could potentially cause headaches, and thus removed alcohol.
Alcohol - within reason - helps me. Helps me relax at night and destress - a glass of wine does wonders for me.
Things to look into as being possibly related to your headaches:

1. Allergies - have you been tested for any? Do you live with animals? Do you have lots of dust in your house that you are consistently breathing in? Severe allergies can cause headaches and sinus problems.
2. Migraine - look into this. You may need medication to control your headaches if they are migrainous in nature.
3. Sleeping conditions - have you tried different pillows? I changed my pillow several times before I found one that stopped hurting my neck and causing constant headaches.
4. Hormonal imbalance - may need some medication or lifestyle changes for this.
5. TMJ - do you have a nightguard? This isn't always the solution but it may help if you are grinding ferociously at night.

As for alcohol/smoking, I have definitely had to cut down on beer, but I still have a few when I get home from work. Smoking can cause all kinds of health problems that in turn may be contributing to your headaches but I don't think it is the sole cause.

Hope that helps! :)

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